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The health and fitness industry has exploded during the past decades and continues to grow.
International Health and Fitness Consultants Limited (IHFC – ) was founded in 2000 and commits to promoting active, healthy lifestyles, fitness and nutrition knowledge to the public. One of the primary
goals of IHFC is to advocate healthy active lifestyle for all segments of society, to foster the right
concept and knowledge of fitness to the society which positively effects their body, mind and spirit.
IHFC accomplishes this mission by conducting functions such as activities, workshops, seminars, consultations and continuous training programs. Certainly this enables all segments of society to
enjoy the benefits of physical activity and protect them against the dangerous or ineffective fitness
products and exercise.

We believe fitness instructors, promoters or personal trainers, etc are the core professional to
implement the belief of total well-being. And we would say there is a higher certainty that well-trained people posses skills and knowledge to lower the chance of dangerous happen during exercise, and ultimately carry out effective results. We believe professional education standard is very important,
as a result IHFC carry out activities by appointing skilled and experienced trainers with holding internationally recognized certificates plus CPR certificates.

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